Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hello everyone and welcome to 2007. Now that another year has dawned we look back on the last with amazement. It is hard to believe that our company has acheived so much in so little time. From our opener BRILLIANT TRACES in April to our family Christmas production DICKENS WRITES A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Rabbittown Theatre) in December. From there to here we have acheived much. But the cherry on top is about to hit the papers when we will be announcing our newest acquistion - our own theatre!
Yes we have acquired our own facility which will become our home base. In an arrangment with the town and the Nordic and Alpine Ski Association, we are taking over the Middle Chalet in on White Hills Ski Resort. A move that will aid in that facilty becoming the year round attraction it was meant to be as well as giving us the home base we so desperately required. No more are we being shifted from pillar to post with each show we do. The next step is the renovations and upgrades to convert the space into the required facility with a lobby/gallery, box office, washroms and offices on the main floor and a 80-90 seat loft style theatre on the upper level. Our goal is to have it up and running by April for our spring show - HOCKEY MOM-HOCKEY DAD. Also stay tuned for a definite grand opening gala event not to be missed. Stay tuned for more news on that front.
For now we just wanted to thank all of you who have been so supportive of our theatre company over the past 8 months and hope that you will remain with us in the future growth we are anticipating.

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