Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The big news for the year has finally hit the pages of our local paper. Our new home base is finally official. We have now taken over the Middle Chalet at the WHITE HILLS SKI RESORT. Clarenville now has its own alpine arts centre . . . or at least it will when the renovations are complete. No longer will we have to search for rehearsal space, performance venues or storage for our sets, costumes and props. We have it all in one building. And we can now mount shows on a regular basis . . . or . . . whenever we feel like it. For the full story link to the following page and find out about all of our upcoming projects and ventures.

We have come a long way since BRILLIANT TRACES in April 2006 - - - and we do have a way to go. But I hope you will all join us on the journey!

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